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Algarve Wedding Photographer
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The colorful boho Algarve wedding of Charlie and Tom, full of fun DIY details, hosted at the beautiful Aldeia da Pedralva ant Vila do Bispo, just between Algarve and Alentejo. Bohemian vibes, stylish couple, a beautiful celebration full of emotions.

Algarve wedding s are somewhat different. They are always great. But when we had our first Skype call with Charlie and she started talking about all these things like Aldeia da Pedralva, a colorful fun fair, a hog roast, a donkey (??!), DIY items, a disco-bouncy castle for adults (???!!!), we were like: well, OK, give us half of it and it will definitely be awesome.

Then Charlie messages me some months before the wedding: “I’ve just ordered some of these smoke bombs! Thought we could use them on the day of the wedding for a cool shot!” – music to my ears! I’ve been trying to avoid today’s wedding photography trends, but I have to admit that it was difficult to resist that glorious colorful smoke. So instead of only using it for the typical algarve wedding portraits “as usual”, we decided to use it in some of the key events. Like during their ceremony exit or the first dance (I have to apologize to the band as they almost suffocated from the amount of smoke, but it was definitely worth it #sorrynotsorry).

And when the next day I had the idea of going into the freezing cold Atlantic Ocean with Charlie dressed and Tom half naked, they didn’t even hesitate. See that’s a couple who trusts their photographer’s vision! :)

So prepare yourselved for a loooong blogpost of this awesome Algarve wedding, because it happened just as Charlie imagined it and told us about previously. EVERYTHING was as amazing, and turned out exactly as she described it almost a year before the wedding. On top of it, we had her, looking gorgeous, Tom all stylish with his groom attire, their amazing and welcoming friends and family who made us feel like we’re one of them, the best pizza ever (if you visit Vila do Bispo, do not for your life miss Pizza Pazza!), and the most cruel and dark british humor we’re absolutely fan of. Just pure perfection.


Check out the video of their amazing day here!

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